Youth and Truth - Sadhguru

This book is text version of events happened under the Truth and Youth program by Isha Foundation. The book is a transcriptions of selective events. If you don’t want to read, you can simply watch the exact videos available in the YouTube.

Here are some the things that I have higlighted, found intetesting and actions points from this book.

Top highlights

  1. Your ability to do things is enhanced only when you are absolutely devoted to the process you are involved in

  2. You don’t educate for survival. You educate because you want to expand your horizons. You want to make this life into a worthwhile life. That’s what matters. Will it be in conflict with many people. Of course, it will be, because they think that you won’t make it.

  3. If you don’t want to be abused by anybody, you must understand that nobody else wants to be abused either.

  4. You cannot decide what is coming to you, but you can definitely decide what you make out of it. This is where your dint is.

  5. What we need is corruption free, clear, focused and dedicated people. That is what we are missing.

  6. This looks very simple, but let’s try it and see. In your mind you have decided what is good and what is bad. What is high, what is low, what is a virtue, what is a sin, what is wealth, what is filth. Everything is already determined. Once you have done this, there is no way. What you think is bad, you will look down upon and what you think is good, you will look up to. If you remove this and just learn to look at life for what it is, you will effortlessly navigate through life.

  7. Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and making a mess out of it {talking about Earth}.

  8. There is something within a human being which wants to expand limitlessly. This means it wants to be free, nothing else.

  9. There are two ways to enter into a relationship. One way is because you want to extract something from somebody. Another way is because you want to share something with somebody. If you are out to share your life will be good.

  10. What is the point of having a constipated desire that is fulfilled in the next five years and you think you are on top of the world?

  11. Women should succeed as women, not as men. With full blown feminine nature, they must be able to be successful in society. They don’t have to pretend to be a man to be successful.

  12. They are suffering their own intelligence, isn’t it? If you take half their brain, they will be peaceful.

  13. All the crime that we commit on this planet - only human beings are committing crimes. Nobody else does

  14. First thing you must decide is have you come here to avoid life or have you come here to experience life?


You are working only because of “What will I get? What the hell you will get, You will die one day. That’s all”

If you really want to know life, the most important thing is you don’t take any position. You are willing to look at everything absolutely fresh every moment of your life.

If a dog is chasing you, you will run really fast. But you know Mr Bolt. He does not run because his tail is on fire. He runs because he has prepared his legs and lungs in such a way, whichever way he runs, he is faster than everybody. Isn’t that the way to run. You want to run because a dog is chasing you or your tail is on fire. That is not a pleasant way to run, isn’t it? One thing is, it is important that you run fast. Another thing is that your experience of running is fantastic. Isn’t that important?

The problem is just people value something only because it is recognized by somebody.

This is me and this is what I say. You like it or you don’t like it. If you don’t like it, please tell me I will look at it. If you don’t like it and explain me that why don’t you like it, I will consider.

If this one thing you take charge of in your life that what happens within you is determined only by you and you will ensure that this one is always pleasant. If this one is pleasant your body and brain work at their best.

This problem has to go from this country. We have to do some serious work to place all professions on the same level. It is very important. I’m not disqualifying the education system per se, but the way we are approaching it. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s a carpenter, electrician or a doctor, all the professions are important for our survival. You may go to a doctor and survive, but you happen to board an auto rickshaw which has a bad driver, you will not survive. So, the question is which profession is more important and less important.

Let me tell you there is no best thing to do in the world even if you take a very simple thing and throw yourself into it, it could become a great thing is it the best thing. What I am doing best or what you are doing best. There is no best thing whatever we put our heart and soul into and do it may be a simple thing in somebody else eyes it’s a great thing in our experience and that is what we should do.

We think we are debating, but no we are shouting abuses at each other. To debate is to explore, to use two brains instead of one to explore something. Simply throwing things at each other is not debate. We might throw stones at each other instead of hurling abuses. At least it will end soon.

Food is not the problem, isn’t it? Food is good for us. But if you start eating and you don’t know when to stop eating, then it becomes a serious problem. The same goes for the phone. Start using it, but you don’t know when to stop. Fundamentally we are living an unconscious life, a compulsive life. When you live compulsively, then everything is a problem.

This is not about money. People think it’s about wealth, power, plus a comma love, knowledge. No, these are all different currencies. Essentially, if we keep you in the same place for too long, you feel suffocated and are looking for expansion. To be something more all the time.

Children need a loving, carrying atmosphere. Just putting nourishments into their stomach is not it. They need some tending a tending to. Somebody should smile at them, laugh at them, play with them. Otherwise, children will grow up little sick in their heads.

If they are not doing their best, we can remind them “You are not doing your best”, then I will not do my best If this happens. There are more creative ways of doing things is when they do not do their best. You really do your best so that they will feel, oh, what am I doing Yes, these are different ways to correct a situation. But if you do not do what you can do, you are a disaster.

This is all I am telling you, young people, do whatever the hell you want in your life. But you must be intensely focused on something If you are not investing your life in anything, it will just go waste, because one basic ingredient of your life is time. This is just going away.

Don’t worry about the nation, the society, this and that. Build yourself into a grand human being Because if there are no great human beings there will be no great society. If there is no society there is no greater nation. You can’t build a great world or a grand nation. You can only make yourself into a great human being and around you, wonderful things will happen.

May be the source of this creation doesn’t even know you exist.

If all the worms disappear today, in 12 to 18 months, all life will cease on this planet If all the insects disappear in somewhere between 4 ½ to six years all life will cease that on this planet. But if human beings disappear, the planet will flourish.