The Beauty of All My Life

When the Monsoons brings its tune to Namma Bengaluru, silencing the rumblings of this hyper active city with its downpours, you end up curling in bed, all snug and warm. Whilst listening to the Mother Nature’s beats sipping a cup of coffee, there is no better thing to do than getting lost in a book and getting found in the magical place you don’t often see in this world.

That is how I got lost in the Beauty of all my Life, A Memoir by Ruskin Bond. Yes, the one who transports people away from concrete walls, takes them to wild jungles, mighty mountains and the vast oceans. I love Ruskin Bond a lot. Somehow he will manage to make you listen to Mynas, Crickets and blue tailed Sun-birds. He will let you feast upon Aloo Samosas, Boiled eggs and a wide range of Pickles which he is very fond of. His gardens will always be filled with roses, zinnias, marigolds and geraniums. And at his place, the Time Stops.

If you get a chance to peek into his life, would you be able to resist?

Through this book, he shares a glimpse of his life showing us how he created all this magic.

The book is beautifully presented by the Publisher. After reading a lot in kindle and paperbacks, taking up this craft, hard bounded, I really have to admit that Hard Cover books are the best. The quality of the paper is silky smooth and it is such a pleasure to turn every page. The cover page is Lovely.

Now, I don’t have any qualities to comment on his writings but I would like to share my experience through it.

The book despite being a Memoir, is not chronologically ordered. The Stories are random and unconnected at all levels. This allows to take the back seat, soak it in, experience the scene completely before moving on to the next one. Each stories will take you to different places at different times. Since it is in the 1950s and 1960s, the book actually takes us back in the time. How you travel across countries, how you go on picnic and how you have to communicate with others. This pre-technology era will surely leave you in awe.

The best part of the book is the Photos of Ruskin Bond. We have so many wonderful photos of him starting from 2 years through his 80 years of age. These photos are rare and you wouldn’t find it anywhere else. Such a gem they are.

Great writing + Wonderful Photos + Beautiful book: Paradise.

The stories that depicts the independence period are overwhelming with emotions. The struggles of people moving in and out of India, the status of people who got settled and there are stories of people who was abandoned which pinches the heart.

Overall, it will be a good summer read and definitely a travel companion.

Whether you are a fan of Ruskin Bond or never read his books before, this book is a treasure to be hold. You cannot simply put it aside. Take up the book and experience the Beauty of the life.